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Dr. Kai-Tak Poon

Dr. Kai-Tak Poon

My research primarily focuses on interpersonal relationships and processes, with an emphasis on the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral impacts of ostracism, objectification, and related forms of interpersonal maltreatment. Specifically, I investigate when and why ostracism and objectification lead to undesirable outcomes (e.g., psychosocial maladjustments and antisocial behavior) and explore ways to assist people in coping with these interpersonal setbacks.

Research Students and Staff

Tina Zhang

I completed my undergraduate degree at the Hong Kong University of Education, followed by a Masters degree at UCL in the UK. During my past studies, I discovered the infinite possibilities of psychology, and I am currently helping Dr. Poon with his research on conspiracy theories and objectification. I am also interested in human factors engineering and interaction design.

Jieshuang Liang

Jieshuang Liang

I feel lucky to be a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Poon in the Department of Psychology. Prior to my PhD, I have gained my Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Mainland China. Since I studied psychology for more than ten years, I have formed deep connection to it. I love psychology so much in the sense that it teaches me the way to view our world. Additionally, encouraged by Dr. Poon, I have been exploring more interests and possibilities in research since I was admitted in 2021. Till now, I have researched some behaviors related to ostracism, and the psychological mechanism. Finally, my hobbies varies from doing sports to communicating with people.

Charmain Chau

I believe psychological literacy shall improve everyone's life (at least make it more bearable). Currently, I am striving to apply and further explore what I have learned and what I will learn. My long-term goal is to input personal insight and expand the psychological field with Hong Kong cultural background and personal experience. I am on my journey to gain more patience, grit, and carefulness; one will never have enough of those things.

Charmain Chau
Cindy Cheung

Cindy Cheung Siu

I obtained my BA in Psychology at Cedarville University, Ohio. Currently working as a research assistant promoting well-being to local schools and the general public through sharing a new concept in positive psychology called Virtues and Character Strengths while collecting valuable data for future research. I also participated in Dr. Poon’s research on ostracism, objectification, and conspiracy theory. I believe adopting empirical research findings into practice would be more effective and beneficial to people’s lives and well-being. Psychology is more than just a theory, it is applicable in life.

Hill-Son Lai

After I obtained my Bachelor's in Psychology from Durham University in the summer of 2021, I joined Dr Poon and his research team at EduHK. My main duty involves writing research manuscripts for publication in recognizable psychological journals. The topics are mainly related to interpersonal maltreatment (i.e., ostracism, objectification) and investigating their underlying causes and potential outcomes. I am also responsible for drafting research project proposals, recording short videos, and collecting data for other research projects. The wide range of exposures has broadened my research knowledge and skills, reinforcing my capability and professionalism as a growing psychologist.

Hillson Lai
Rheal Chan.jpg

Rheal Shun-Wai Chan

Rheal obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 2020. She has research experience working on projects using a range of research methods. Her research interests lie primarily in ostracism and objectification, specifically their antecedents and consequences.

Natalie Hiu-Lam Wong

I have an interdisciplinary background in psychology and multimedia technology, and my research interests revolve around positive psychology and wellbeing. I joined Dr. Poon's team in 2020 mainly to help him develop the ChAracter Strengths Training (CAST) mobile app, and to facilitate knowledge transfer and data collection. This experience allows me to put my diverse background into practice to promote wellbeing among young people in Hong Kong, and bring positive energy to the community.

Natalie Wong
Candy Cotton
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