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* = correspondent author, # = student / supervisee author directly under Dr. Poon's supervision

Poon, K. T.*, & Chan, R. S. W.#, Lai, H. S.#, Jiang, Y.#, & Teng, F. (in press). Watching for a snake in the grass: Objectification increases conspiracy beliefs. British Journal of Social Psychology. Read More (2022 Impact Factor 5.4 | JCR Q1 in Psychology, Social)

Dai, Y., Jiang, T.*, Gaer, W., & Poon, K. T. (in press). Workplace objectification leads to self-harm: The mediating effect of depressive moods. Personality and Social Psychology BulletinRead More (2022 Impact Factor 4.0 | JCR Q2 in Psychology, Social)

Chau, C.#, Chan, R. S. W.#, Liang, J.#, & Poon, K. T.* (2024). The relationship of sexual objectification with Internet addiction and its implication for mental health. Computers in Human Behavior, 155, 108179. Read More  (2022 Impact Factor 9.9 | JCR Q1 in Psychology, Experiment)

Poon, K. T*., Lai, H. S.#., & Chan, R. S. W.# (2023). The effect of sexual objectification on dishonesty. Archives of Sexual BehaviorRead More (2021 Impact Factor 4.897 | JCR Q1 in Psychology, Clinical)

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Teng, F*., Poon, K. T., Zhang, H., Chen, Z., Yang, Y., & Wang, X. (2016). Situational cuing of materialism triggers self-objectification among women (but not men): The moderating role of self-concept clarity. Personality and Individual Differences, 97, 220-228. Read More (2016 Impact Factor 2.005 | JCR Q2 in Psychology, Social)

Teng, F*., Chen, Z., Poon, K. T., & Zhang. D*. (2015). Sexual objectification pushes women away: The role of decreased likability. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 77-87. Read More (2015 Impact Factor 1.921 | JCR Q2 in Psychology, Social)

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